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Bible Verse: New Living Translation
Colossians 3:4  
"And when Christ, who is
your real life, is revealed to the whole world,
you will share in all His glory."

 We are currently looking for quality
child care workers as substitutes. Must
have child care experience, love working
with children, and be willing to work with
the little ones.
 Apply here.

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2016-2017 School Calender
This week's menu.

Exercise of the Month:
Skipping. Skip around your house in th yard. Want more?
Let's do some Jumping Jacks. Have fun with exercise.

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Looking for a preschool or kindergarten? 
Stop by our school for a tour and meet
some of our staff. We look forward to 
meeting you!


AutoBell Car Wash Tickets are now 
available in our office. They are for the 
Bland and Warwick location. Come by and
purchase a couple. They make great gifts
this time of year, especially with the pollen

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Movie of the Month:
A Boy Named Charlie Brown:
He enters a spelling bee and Lucy predicts his
humiliation, but Charlie Brown wins and is elected to.....

Charlie Brown


Reading Aloud at Home,
Why Should You?

Purpose: Reading aloud with your children at 
home will build fluency, comprehension,
word-solving , and a love for reading in a 
supportive, loving environment.
Word-Solving: When an error is made, WAIT to 
give your child a chance to work on it
independently. When you are certain they are
going to keep going, stop them saying something
like, "Try that again," or "Make it match".
Comprehension: Ask questions that invite recall
AND thinking such as, "Why do you think _____
happened" or "What do you think ____ means". 
Urge reading to build comprehension as needed.
Fluency: Model expressive reading & have your
child echo read. Encourage just-right pacing (not too fast, not too slow). Demonstrate how to
attend to the punctuation (pausing at the end of
sentences, adding expression based on the mark.





















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